We are skeptic.

The creative persons are skeptical of accepted ideas and assumptions. Their skepticism liberates them from conventional beliefs, while their predilection for new ideas prepares them for the intellectual risks of creative discovery. The French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650) threw open the flood-gates of modern philosophy, no less than those of modern science, by his methodology of putting everything in doubt.

Above all, creativity implies non-conformity, because conformity inhabits the traits that make for creativity. As a rule, the conformists are less intelligent than the independent-minded persons, less intellectually flexible and less prolific in ideas. They are more dependent on others and less confident of themselves. They are often rigid and authoritarian in personality. They seek security and acceptance and shun novelty.

The independent-minded persons are more capable of creative achievement, because they maintain a balance between group -centredness and self-centredness. They are open to experience. The creative persons have a sense of mission, even of destiny, but certainly they are not megalomaniac!

William Al-Sharif